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Story Corrections Policy

Our stories are written using available facts. In the event that a story evolves, we post subsequent stories or update a previously published article. If you see any needed corrections please submit a notification using the Contact Form, or [email protected] with the information and verifiable sources. Once your sources have been verified you will be notified about the update and provided a link with the updated information. Please add your contact information to facilitate the process.

Example 1:  “Nelson Mandela: What Were We Thinking?” (Please notice the links below the story as an example of our editorial policies for story corrections.)
Example 2: “Was Alderman Coleman’s Office Broken Into or Was Her Staff Negligent?”

Editing Process for Accuracy

STEP 1: Our writers are subjected to an intensive 8-week writing boot camp, in which they are taught to seek sources and verify the information to be used in a story. Our protocols require writers to list their sources at the end of every post; for example, The Washington Post: (title of the story used as a source and its author’s name or names). We also add the image source’s link used under the Creative Commons License in our media center as well as list image attributions below the sources.

STEP 2: One of our editing team members verifies the information provided by the author to ascertain that our writers’ story is accurate. Once done, the story is edited for grammar and clarity. The story is published after the author has fulfilled their requirements and the story is verified. The editor signs off the finished product below the author’s byline – Edited by (editor’s name)

Opinion and Opinion News Stories are Clearly Labeled

Opinion stories are strictly the opinion of the author; the content does not speak for the company as a whole. We use two different styles: straight opinion and opinion news. The former does not require verifiable sources and is rarely used.

The Chicago Leader’s editorial staff prefers to publish Opinion News. Authors are required to support their opinions with a minimum of three reliable and verifiable sources.

The story’s byline reflects what type of story was constructed – (news stories) Written by (author’s name), Opinion by (author’s name), and Opinion News by (author’s name).

Author’s Identity

Each Author provides a short biography for readers and can be found by using the search function: (author’s name + bio). All stories have a link that will take the reader to the author’s archive. All stories are ended with a byline identifying the author.

Chicago Leader’s Ethics Policy

We are Boldly Inclusive. “The Historical Model Boldly Inclusive”
Chicago Leader is completely independent with no government ties and no corporate owners or shareholders. Any articles written for clients are identified with the company name in the tags.

How You Can Leave a Comment

Readers have the opportunity to discuss or react in the comments section below each article or they can send us an email using the Contact Form or [email protected]

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