Thursday, December 1, 2022

Sha’Carri Richardson Receives Deal With Vaping Company

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After Sha’Carri Richardson was disqualified from participating in the Olympics, she received many offers of employment; one was with a Vaping Company, according to Yahoo! News on July 15, 2021. She was disqualified during the Olympic trials after failing a routine drug test that revealed THC.

Richardson faced backlash and lots of hate. Controversy circled the track community, stating she was cheating, and used it to enhance her running to achieve her fast time. She tried to refute these claims and stated that she made a mistake after her mother’s death during the trials.

RichardsonHowever, even though she missed her golden opportunity to participate in the Olympics, another door has opened for the athlete. Dr. Dabber, a company specializing in all things weed, jumped at a chance to offer an opportunity for the track star. The company offered Richardson $250,000 to become one of their ambassadors; many stated this to be a blessing and a curse.

Dr. Dabber stated it had considered her talent and class over these past weeks,  Richardson would be testing the award-winning dab rigs and vape pens.

 It is unclear how long the partnership will be, but this is an amazing way to make some quick money for Richardson. She could receive good or bad publicity from this endorsement that could either break or devastate her career.

Richardson is one of the biggest and fastest track sports stars to come out of 202. She is currently rated sixth globally for the women’s 100-meter and took the world by surprise when she went viral with her talent.

Unfortunately, due to marijuana use, she could not run in the Olympics after her suspension. However, it seems she has not lost the support of the public. This could be great for her branding and her future career; the sports star is still being supported by many.

According to some sources, it is unclear whether or not she will actually accept said offer, or even if she is interested. Dr. Dapper recently dropped a former Disney star, Kyle Massey, who was accused of inappropriate communication with a minor. Massey was indeed an official spokesperson but did not receive an actual offer or a letter of intent like Richardson’s promised.

Written by Nadia Amoah
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware


Yahoo! News: Sha’Carri Richardson Offered 250,000 Deal from Vaping company; by Tanay Hudson

Featured and Top Image Courtesy of MIKELIKEBIKE’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License
Inset Image Courtesy of NH53’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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